About Us

RED MOONLIGHT is a post production service based providing editorial, color grading, animation and VFX services for television and feature film – all under one roof. RED MOONLIGHT has provided quality video post production for a television network and movie studios in the industry. Equipped with the latest in digital technology and staffed with a multi-talented artist. It’s a unique turnkey approach for all facets of post production which maximizes the creative while minimizing costs.

PICTURE: A creative editorial and picture finishing company, RED MOONLIGHT works in SD, HD, UHD or 4K, with the systems and talent to make your picture look the very best that it can be. Experienced editor and color grading specialist are available.

VFX: Bringing your creative vision to life using visual effects have become an integral piece of even the smallest projects and central to the delivery of more elaborate visual storytelling. The list of services include: tracking, main titles, compositing, rotoscoping, animation, special effects, object removal, video fixes and restoration.

SOUND: RED MOONLIGHT is fully equipped with the latest in digital audio technology. The team has decades of experience in all facets of audio post production from sound design, dialogue editing, ADR/VO recording and M&E creation and foreign language dubbing. RMP has stereo and Dolby certified 5.1 surround capabilities.

DELIVERABLES: RED MOONLIGHT can output your program to any digital file delivery. Services include DVD/Blu-Ray authoring & duplication.

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